Boy Superhero Costume

Time: 1Hours Cost: $10.00 Difficulty: Medium




  • Creatology Designer Mask

    Creatology™ Designer Mask


  • Creatology Sparkle Chenille Stems, Blue

    Sparkle Chenille Stems By Creatology™


  • Wilton Cake Circles, 16"

    Wilton® Cake Circles


  • Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint, Indigo

    Martha Stewart Crafts® Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint, 2oz.


  •  Elmer’s® CraftBond® Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive, small

    Elmer’s® CraftBond® Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive


  • Creatology Stiffened Felt, Red

    Creatology™ Stiffened Felt


  • Creatology Foam Sheet, 12" x 18" Royal Blue

    12" X 18" Foam Sheet By Creatology™


  • Creatology Foam Sheet, 12" x 18" White

    12" X 18" Foam Sheet By Creatology™


  • Creatology Foam Sheet, 12" x 18", Gray

    12" X 18" Foam Sheet By Creatology™


  • Creatology Foam Glitter Star Stickers, Red

    Creatology™ Foam Glitter Stickers, Stars


  • Loops & Threads Knit Elastic 1/2 inch white

    Loops & Threads™ Knit Elastic, 1/2"


  • Creatology Foam Glitter Sheet, Silver

    Creatology™ Foam Glitter Sheet





  • VELCRO Brand Mini Fasteners, New Packaging

    VELCRO® Brand Mini Fasteners




  • Paper Plate (or Palette Paper)
  • Stapler
  • Staples
  • Ruler or Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • 2 - Creatology™ Basic Felt 9"x12" – Walnut Brown (10572115)
  • 2 - Creatology™ Basic Felt 9"x12" – Black (10572107)
  • 1 - Duck Tape®, Dark Mud Puddle (sku 10241518)
  • 1 - Crayola® Pointed Tip Scissors (sku 10168653)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks





- ADULT: Press the T-shirt to remove any wrinkles, and set it aside.


- Trace and cut the patterns for the T-shirt:

·        Blue Foam: Four center chest pieces (diagram 2A-2D)

·        Red Stiffened Felt: Four outside chest pieces (diagram 2E-2H)

·        White Foam: Small star (diagram 2I)


- Trace and cut the patterns for the shoulder harness:

·        Walnut Felt: Two large harness pieces (diagram 3A)

·        Black Felt: Two small harness pieces (diagram 3B)

·        Gray Foam: Two harness buckles (diagram 3C).

TIP: Adjust the harness pieces, if necessary, so that they will reach from the top of the shoulder to underneath the armhole at the side.


- Cut two slots into each buckle where indicated on the pattern.


- ADULT: In a well-ventilated area, spray the backs of all four harness felt pieces and buckle/strap pieces with spray adhesive. Attach to shirt as shown, or refer to the guide in diagram 1. Set shirt aside.


- For the belt, measure your superhero’s waist and add 4".


- Cut one piece of Mud Puddle Duck Tape® in this length, and lay it sticky-side up on your working surface. 


- Cut a second piece of Mud Puddle tape in the same length. Hold this piece sticky-side down, line it up with the first piece and slowly lower it onto the first so that the two pieces are adhered together as evenly as possible. Smooth along the belt to remove wrinkles and trim away any exposed adhesive on the sides. Trim the ends so that they are even. 


- Trace and cut the belt buckle pattern (diagram 3D) out of gray foam. Cut two slots into the buckle (as shown in the pattern) and thread 4" of the belt through the slots. Cut this end of the belt into a point.


- Wrap the belt around your superhero’s waist so that it closes in front. Adhere one set of VELCRO® Brand dots on either side of the buckle, inside where the two ends of the belt overlap.


- To make a pouch for the belt, cut two 4" lengths of tape. 


- Lay one piece horizontally, sticky-side up, in front of you. Then place a second piece vertically, also sticky side up, on top of the first piece. The two pieces together should make a plus sign. Wrap the horizontal tape closed over the vertical tape, creating the sides of the pouch. Wrap the vertical tape closed over the horizontal tape, creating the top and bottom of the pouch. The pouch should measure approximately 2" x 2". Attach to either side of the belt buckle with hot glue.


- Repeat Steps 13-14 to make a second pouch.


- ADULT: Cut two small triangles, each with a 2" wide base, out of the brown felt remnants. Hot glue them upside down at the top of each pouch to make “flaps” for the pouches. Set belt aside.


- Trace and cut the patterns for the Arm Guard:

·        Black Felt: One Arm Guard (diagram 4A)

·        Red Foam: Once knuckle piece (diagram 4B)

·        Silver Glitter Foam: Once hand piece (diagram 4C)

·        Red Foam: Seven wrist pieces (diagram 4D).

TIP: Adjust the provided arm guard pattern if necessary so that it will fit your superhero with 1" overlap.


- Assemble arm guard as shown in guide (diagram 4). Set arm guard aside.


- For the base of the shield, pop out the small perforated circle at the center of a cake circle. Place the circle so that the white side is facing down on the working surface.


- With a foam brush, cover the brown cardboard side of the circle evenly with Indigo paint. Let the paint dry, then cover with 1-2 more coats, until the circle is completely blue.


- When it is dry, cut a straight line from the center hole to the outer edge of the cake circle. 


-  ADULT: Draw 18-20 more straight lines on the white side, from the hole to the edge of the circle. Space the lines as evenly as possible. Use scissors (or an X-ACTO® blade) to gently score the cardboard along each pencil line.

TIP: Place the ruler against the pencil line, then run the blade along it, to ensure a straight line


- Bend the cardboard up and down along each line so that it is not stiff and can bend easily.


- Grasp the edges of the circle where you cut a straight line. Slowly pull one edge to overlap the other by about 1". This will give the circle a slightly conical shape. Use strips of Duck Tape® on the inside of the shield to hold the edges in their new position. Add one long strip of Duck Tape® along the length of the cut to help secure the pieces. 


- Cut a 6" piece of Duck Tape® and fold it in half lengthwise, sticky-sides together, to make a 1" x 6" strip. 


- Cut two more squares of Duck Tape®, each about 2" x 2". 


- Place the narrow strip of Duck Tape® in the center of the inside of the shield. Make sure the ends are about 4" apart, so that the tape bends outward. This will allow room for your superhero’s arm to slip inside the handle. 


- Use the smaller squares of Duck Tape® to secure each side of the handle to the back of the shield. 


- Trace and cut five shapes (diagram 5C) from silver glitter adhesive foam. Each one should have a 2" wide base and be 7" long.


- Place the triangles, pointing outward, around the shield, so that together they form a star shape. Make sure that one of the triangles covers the cut where the two layers overlap. Remove the backing on each and press it into place.


- Trace the largest star pattern (diagram 6) onto red stiffened felt and cut it out. 


- ADULT: In a well-ventilated area, cover the back of the red star with spray adhesive. Place the red star onto the very center of the shield. 


- Trace the second largest star pattern (diagram 5B) onto the back of silver glitter adhesive foam and cut it out. Remove the backing on the star and press it into place in the center of the red star on the shield. Set shield aside.


- Paint the mask with Indigo paint. Let dry and apply two more coats, letting the mask dry completely between coats.


- Use the smallest star pattern (diagram 5A) to trace and cut a star out of white foam.


- ADULT: Bend a blue sparkle chenille stem into a “U” shape, following the project image as a guide. Make sure the ends of the chenille stem extend at least a little bit past the top edge of the mask. Attach to the mask with hot glue. Trim off the ends of the stem that extend past the mask’s edge.


- ADULT: Apply hot glue to the back of the white star, and carefully place it in the center of the mask’s forehead, inside the chenille stem “U”. Gently press down on the star as the glue dries.


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