Kids Witch Halloween Costume

Time: 1Hours Cost: $10.00 Difficulty: Medium




  • Celebrate It Occasions Tulle Fabric, Black

    Celebrate It™ Occasions™ Tulle Fabric


  • Creatology Basic Felt, 36" x 36", Black

    Creatology™ Basic Felt, 36" X 36"


  • Creatology Foam Glitter Star Stickers, Gold

    Creatology™ Foam Glitter Stickers, Stars


  • 1.5" Sheer Ribbon by Celebrate It 360

    1.5" Sheer Ribbon By Celebrate It® 360°™





  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Yarn (2")
  • OPTIONAL: Computer
  • Printer
  • Offray Spool O'Ribbon, Black, 48 pk (sku 10119360)
  • Duck Glitter Crafting Tapes - Gold, .75 in. x 5 yd. (sku 10476896)




- Shirt: Press the smaller black T-shirt to remove any wrinkles and lay it flat on a working surface.


- With scissors, cut out the neckline and cut ragged sleeves on the shirt. Follow the diagram as a guide.


- Cut two long pieces of the Gold glitter Duck Tape® Mini, and place them in a “V” shape on the front of the shirt, with the upper ends of the “V” just outside the neckline. Use the shirt diagram as a guide.


- At the top of the shirt, fold the tape ends over the shoulder so that they are hidden on the back of the shirt. At the bottom of the “V”, trim the tape as necessary to make a sharp angle. 


- Add a short piece of gold glitter tape across the front of the shirt, just under the bottom of the neckline. Add four more short pieces to make the laced “X”s underneath. Again, refer to the shirt diagram for tape placement.


-Skirt: Press the larger black T-shirt to remove any wrinkles and lay it flat on a working surface.


- Use scissors to cut in a jagged line across both layers of the black T-shirt, from one armpit to the other. Use the skirt diagram as a guide. Discard the top section of the shirt. 


- ADULT: Use scissors or an X-ACTO® knife to make two small vertical slashes about ½” apart within the bottom hem of the T-shirt, at the center front of the skirt. Use the skirt diagram as a guide. Be careful to slash the hem’s top layer only. The T-shirt’s bottom hem will become the waistline of your witch’s skirt.


- ADULT: Thread your tapestry needle with a 36" length of narrow black satin ribbon. Insert the needle through one of the slashes at the front of the skirt, and thread it all the way around the hem, until it comes out through the second slash.

TIP: Be sure to keep hold of the ribbon’s tail, so that you don’t lose it inside the hem.


- Adjust the ribbon tension so that it is evenly distributed around the waistline of the skirt, and the ends of the ribbon are even. 


- When the dress is worn, the waistband of the skirt will be very wide. Pull the ribbon ends to cinch the skirt around the waist, then tie the ribbon in a bow to secure. Trim the ends of the ribbon.


- Skirt overlay: Measure your witch’s waist, and add 24". Cut this length from the roll of tulle. This will be the waistband of the skirt overlay.


- Measure again from your witch’s waist to ankles and double this measurement. Cut 18 strips of tulle that are this length.

TIP: For example, if the measurement from the witch’s waist to ankle measures 21", cut 18 pieces of tulle, each 42" long.


- Attach each tulle strip to the waistband with a lark’s head knot. Begin at the center of the waistband and work your way outward, leaving the last 12" at each end of the waistband free of strips.

TIP: It is not necessary to add strips to the last 12" at each end of the waistband, since this is the excess you’ll use to tie the waistband around your "witch." 


- Place Gold glitter stars along the length of each tulle strip. Begin by adding three to four stickers per tulle strip until all strips are covered, then add more if desired. Make sure to save about 20 stars for the hatband.


- Tie the waistband around your witch’s waist, make a bow at the back, and trim the ends if necessary.


- Hat: Measure around the top of your witch’s head, where a hat should sit, then add ¾". This will be the measurement you use for the interior edge of the hat’s brim.

TIP: If you do not have measuring tape handy, use a piece of yarn or string instead.


- To make the hat brim, draw a donut shape onto your black felt. The interior edge of the donut should be the measurement you just took (do not forget the extra ¾"). 


-  Measure out 5"-6" all the way around this circle and draw a second circle. This exterior edge of the donut is the outer brim of the hat.

TIP: The more length you add to the distance between inner and outer circles, the wider your hat brim will be. The wider you make the brim, the floppier it will be.


- Cut out the donut shape from felt and set it aside.


- On the remaining black felt, measure out a rectangle. The rectangle’s long sides should be the same length as the measurement you used for the hat brim interior (head circumference plus ¾"). The rectangle’s short sides should be half that measurement.


- Cut out the rectangle.


- Fold the rectangle in half so that it is now a square. Mark a curved line from one corner to the corner diagonally opposite. The curved line should begin at one corner that is on the folded edge of the felt, and end at a corner that is on the open edge of the felt. Use the hat diagram as a guide.  


- Cut along the curved line and open up the felt, which is now shaped like a semicircle. 


- Place the felt piece in front of you so that the straight edge is on top, and the curved edge is on the bottom. 


- Take the upper corners of the felt and pull them down toward the middle of the felt piece. Wrap one piece over the other and continue to fold them over each other.


- As you do this, the straight edge of the felt piece will fold into the pointed cone of the hat, while the curved bottom edge will become the circular base of the cone. 


- Slide the hat brim onto the cone and move it downward toward the base. Adjust the size of the cone until the brim sits comfortably, about ½" above the bottom edge of the cone. Remove the brim and set it aside.


- ADULT: Apply a line of hot glue along the inside of the cone’s seam to close it.


- Slide the hat brim back onto the cone so that it is approximately ½" above the cone’s bottom edge as before. Turn the hat upside down and use scissors to snip notches into the ½" of the cone that extends below the end of the brim. Place the notches about 1" apart.


- ADULT: Apply hot glue to each notch and press it up against the bottom of the hat brim, until the entire bottom of the cone and brim are attached.


- Cut three 24" pieces of black tulle, and place the remaining gold glitter stickers along the length of each piece.


- Holding all three tulle pieces together, wrap them loosely around the base of the hat’s cone. If desired, tie the ends together loosely.


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