Unicorn Costume

Time: 1Hours Cost: $10.00 Difficulty: Easy




  • Creatology Chenille Stems, Bright

    Creatology™ Chenille Stems, Bright


  • Ducklings Mini Duck Tape Brand Duct Tape, Silver

    Ducklings® Mini Duck Tape® Brand Duct Tape, Silver


  • Celebrate It Occasions Tulle Fabric, Dark Turquoise

    Celebrate It™ Occasions™ Tulle Fabric


  • Creatology Foam Glitter Sheet, White

    Creatology™ Foam Glitter Sheet


  • Recollections Adhesive Tape, 1/8"

    Recollections™ Adhesive Tape


  • Celebrate It Occasions Tulle Fabric, Pink

    Celebrate It™ Occasions™ Tulle Fabric


  • 6" Neon Tulle by Celebrate It Occasions, Neon Green

    6" Neon Tulle By Celebrate It® Occasions™






  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors



Print out the template from michaels.com and set it aside until Step 5. 




Smooth out the T-shirt on a flat surface. If necessary, iron it to remove any wrinkles.  


Begin adding strips of Chrome tape to decorate the front of the shirt, as shown in the image. Add a band of tape around the hems of the sleeves and the bottom hem of the shirt. Apply tape in two stripes down the front of shirt about 5"-6" apart. Add more strips of tape in a crisscross pattern down the front of the shirt between the two lines, as in the image. Set aside.  


Weave chenille stems, two a time, to create the garland’s base. Use your child’s head as a guide for determining the size of the garland. Twist the chenille stems as you work to make a series of figure eights all the way around the garland. We used eight chenille stems to create our base. 


Cut out the paper template and trace it onto the adhesive glitter foam. Cut out the shape, remove its adhesive backing and gently roll it to create a cone shape, being sure to get a tight wrap at the top of the cone especially. This will become the base of the unicorn horn.  


Twist the ends of two pink chenille stems together to create one very long stem, and twist this around the horn to create a spiral, as in the project image on this page. Use the double-sided tape as necessary to adhere the chenille stem to the horn as you spiral down its length.  


Finish by wrapping the stem one full turn around the bottom of the horn near the seam from wrapping. Reinforce with more double-sided tape. Use the excess chenille stem to create a loop near the seam in the adhesive foam. You will place this side on the inside of the garland. Twist the excess chenille stem around the shank of the loop and tuck it away.  


Thread the garland base through this loop so that the horn and garland are connected. Once the two pieces are connected, join the garland’s chenille stems together to form a circle and complete the base. 


Twist 2-4 more chenille stems to create another strand made of figure eights. It should be long enough to reach from the front of the garland (at the loop at the base of the horn) over the top of the head, to the back of the garland, at the back of the head. This strand should have about ten “figure eight” loops. Connect it to the loop at the base of the horn in front and to the chenille stems that make up the garland base in the back. This will become the base of the unicorn’s mane.  


Holding the ends of all three tulle rolls in your hand, measure them out together to cut a 40" length that includes all three colors. Fold your length of tulle in half to find the middle, and place this part under the garland’s horn. Now, wrap the tulle around the horn in both directions, so that the tulle helps to support the horn.  


Begin wrapping the tulle around and through the chenille stem figure eights in the garland, until you reach the back of the garland. Weave the tulle loosely, gathering it as you work, so that it covers the chenille stems completely. Let the remaining tulle hang down the back of the garland. Repeat with the tulle on the other side of the garland. 


Hold all three colors of tulle in one hand again and, treating them as a single strand, measure out to cut the following: three pieces of 12" tulle; four pieces of 18" tulle and three pieces of 24" tulle.  


Use lark’s head knots to secure the tulle pieces to the chenille stem figure eights in the mane base. The 12" tulle pieces should be knotted through the loops at the front of the head, then the 18" strands at the middle of the head, then the 24" strands at the back of the head. Fluff out the tulle and trim if necessary. If you would like an extra-full mane, you can continue adding lengths of tulle to fill out the mane.  


Cut another 40" length of all three colors of tulle held together. This will become the sash around your unicorn’s waist, and support the tail. Cut six more 36" lengths of all tulle colors held together. These will become the unicorn’s tail. 


Wrap the sash around your unicorn’s waist and tie it with a bow. Secure three of the 36" lengths with lark’s head knots onto one chenille stem, and the other three onto another chenille stem. Twist each chenille stem around the knot of the bow to attach the tail to the sash. Trim the tail, if necessary. Wear with white leggings and comfy sneakers for trick or treating! 


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