Halloween Chalkboard Styrofoam® Head

Time: 1Hours Cost: $10.00 Difficulty: Medium




  • Craft Smart Chalkboard Paint, 8 oz.

    Chalkboard Paint By Craft Smart®, 8 Oz.


  • Craft Smart Chalk Marker Set, Fluorescent

    Craft Smart® Chalk Marker Set, Fluorescent


  • Craft Smart Chalk Marker Set, Commercial

    Craft Smart® Chalk Marker Set, Commercial


  • FloraCraft Wig Head

    FloraCraft® Wig Head





  • ArtMinds Foam Brush, 2"

    Foam Brush By ArtMinds®




  • Foam Plate (or Palette Plate)



Wipe down the head with a soft cloth to remove any dust or smudges. Place the head on a paper plate (or palette paper) and use the foam brush to cover it entirely with a layer of chalkboard paint. Let it dry for at least one hour, and add a second layer of chalkboard paint. Let dry again for 8 hours minimum, and preferably overnight.


Tip: Place the head on the end of a broom handle or on a dowel in order to hold and move it with as little touching as possible. 


Use the chalk markers to draw a sugar skull onto the chalkboard head and remember, this is chalk, so you can gently wipe away your drawing with a damp cloth to make changes or correct errors. Begin by outlining the eye sockets with a bright color. Make dots, lines or scalloped shapes, as you prefer. 


Use a white chalk marker to outline the tip of the nose with an upside down heart and outline that with more lines and dots of colored chalk. 


Color in the lips with red or pink. Use the neon chalk markers to add decorative motifs such as hearts and roses, especially on the chin, forehead and top of the head. 


When you’re done adding color, outline these areas with the narrow end of the white marker.


Tip: It’s not necessary to outline directly against the colored portions. You can leave a thin line of black in between to make outlining easier and faster. Use the wide part of the white marker to fill in the remaining portions of the face, until they’re completely white. 


Use the black chalk marker to make a line that separates the lips and runs up both sides of the face to the cheekbones. Add vertical lines to simulate teeth on and slightly outside the lips. Follow the image as a guide.  


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