Witch's Tulle Skirt

Time: 1Hours Cost: $10.00 Difficulty: Medium




  • Celebrate It Occasions Tulle Fabric, Black

    Celebrate It™ Occasions™ Tulle Fabric


  • 5/8" Satin Double-Faced Ribbon by Celebrate It 360°, Black

    5/8" Satin Double-Faced Ribbon By Celebrate It® 360°™

    1.5" Grosgrain Ribbon by Celebrate It 360

  • 1.5" Grosgrain Ribbon By Celebrate It® 360°™





  • Loops & Threads Craft Needles

    Loops & Threads™ Craft Needles




  • Ruler (or Tape Measure)
  • Scratch Paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Celebrate It® Occasions™ Tulle Fabric, 6" – Blood Splatter (sku 10422258)
  • Loops & Threads® Hand Sewing Thread Spools, 24 Count - Black/White (sku 10340767)



Project Note: This skirt is made with two layers. One layer is a black tulle skirt which is intended to be longer. The second printed tulle shirt on top is shorter.


Determine how long you want the long black tulle skirt to be and measure from your waist to that point. Double this measurement and this is the length of each piece of black tulle needed. 


Measure the waist size intended for the skirt. Note for later. 


Cut black tulle strips in the length determined in Step 1. Cut about ten strips to get started. More strips will be needed to build the skirt to your waist size. 


Unroll the 5/8" black grosgrain ribbon and find the center point. Lay flat on a large working surface, like a table. 


Take one cut strip of the black tulle and fold in half. 


Place the folded black tulle under the grosgrain ribbon at the center point of the grosgrain ribbon, leaving a loop visible on top. 


Take the bottom two tails of the black tulle and pull them up and through the loop. Pull tightly to make the lark's head knot. Repeat tying the lark's head knots with the tulle to the grosgrain ribbon until you fill the measurement of the waist noted earlier. Set aside.


Tip: Working from the middle allows for balanced ribbon on the ends that will tie the skirt onto the person when finished. 


Determine how long you want the printed overlay skirt to be and measure from your waist to that point and add one inch. Note this measurement. 


Unroll the 1-1/2" black grosgrain ribbon, find the center point, and lay flat on a large working surface. 


Cut ten pieces of printed tulle the length of the skirt determined above. More may be needed depending on the waist size determined earlier. 


The printing on the tulle needs to be visible, so you will need to fold the top of the tulle strip into a third, keeping the pattern on the outside. 


Lay the folded tulle piece on top of the grosgrain ribbon and fold over about 1". Use a stick pin to hold in place. 


Continue folding tulle pieces and pinning them to the grosgrain ribbon until the waist length is complete. 


Thread a needle with black thread and stitch a loose straight stitch across the tulle and grosgrain ribbon.


Tip: To complete the look of the skirt, tie the black tulle skirt around the waist and place the printed tulle skirt over it and tie in back. Trim ribbon tails if needed. 


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