Re-purpose terra cotta pots into this fun little trickling fountain. I had to make it easier than the original!

Time: 1Hours Cost: $25.00 Difficulty: Medium

I started with terra cotta pots and saucers in various sizes. I could not find the sizes listed in the original tutorial so I bought what my local garden center had that was close.

The pump is on the smaller side and more affordable than larger ones. 

I soaked in water for a few hours the pieces that needed to be drilled and/or filed so it would contain the dust and help, supposedly, prevent breakage.  I drilled the top plate as recommended for the hose to go through.  This step was fairly simple and easy to accomplish.

Re-purposing items from around the house like these jar lid rings to take the place of labor intensive filing made this DIY go faster.

These pennies came in handy to create a bit of tilt to get the water to pour correctly since my filed divets were a bust.

See how well they work, just enough tilt to get that water to trickled from the side. This helps to create that tinkling sound of water drops.

Adding decorative stones hides the hose and other elements you would rather not see.



Before you know it you have a table top fountain that was made easy. A link to the original is listed in the blog post so you can see what changes I had to make. And now I have found a few more things to add but that is another story which I will share once I have perfected them.


Material I used for this project:

  • Fountain pump   (Amazon)
  • Terra cotta pots   (Home Depot)
  • Stones   (Amazon)