Easy Do It Yourself Project making Mermaid Costume

Time: 1Hours Cost: $10.00 Difficulty: Medium




  • Gildan Short Sleeve Adult T-Shirt, Medium, Sapphire

    Gildan® Short Sleeve Adult T-Shirt


  • Gildan Short Sleeve Youth T-Shirt, Small, White

    Gildan® Short Sleeve Youth T-Shirt


  • Create Your Style Crystal Glue Pen

    Create Your Style™ Crystal Glue Pen


  • Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse Roll

    Peel N Stick™ Fabric Fuse Roll





  • Wilton Parchment Paper

    Wilton® Parchment Paper


  • Loops & Threads Straight Scissors

    Loops & Threads™ Straight Scissors


  • Anodized Aluminum Crochet Hook by Loops & Threads, K

    Anodized Aluminum Crochet Hook By Loops & Threads®




  • 1 - Celebrate It™ Stretch Crochet – Light Green (sku 10522642)



Trim away the white T-shirt’s sleeves and collar by cutting as smoothly as possible just inside the stitch lines. Place a piece of parchment paper in between the shirt’s layers, so that glue does not seep through to the back. 


To create the trim detail across the front of the shirt, measure out enough rickrack for four rows across the chest. Measure out enough of the thin, iridescent ribbon for one row across the chest.


TIP: To make the more rounded lines of rickrack, as shown on the top and bottom rows, use two pieces of rickrack per row, and line the pieces up to meet at the center front of the shirt. 


Use the fine tip of the crystal glue pen to apply glue all along the lengths of the first two pieces of rickrack. 


One at a time, turn the pieces of rickrack over and place them onto the shirt so that they meet at center front to create the first row of ribbon trim.


TIP: Once you have placed the ribbon onto the shirt, you can pull or push it gently to adjust its position, if needed. 


Continue to glue on the rows of ribbon trim. Set aside to dry.


TIP: Use image as a guide for gluing on all five rows. 


For the skirt, hold the neckline of the Sapphire shirt at your child’s waist, make a visual estimate of how long the skirt should fall, and trim away the bottom, if necessary.


TIP: The tulle strips that make up the tail will add about 15" to your skirt, so be sure to trim the skirt to accommodate this length.


Place Peel n’ Stick™ Fabric Fuse tape all the way around the bottom hem of the skirt, beginning in the center of the back. Do not remove the second (top) layer of backing from the fabric tape. 


Beginning at the back of the skirt, start peeling up the fabric tape’s top layer of backing. Open up the light green stretch crochet trim, and lay the top of the trim onto the exposed fabric tape so that it creates a border along the bottom edge of the skirt. Make sure that at least one row of holes on the stretch crochet extends below the bottom of the skirt, so that you have open holes on which to knot the tulle.  


Continue to peel up the fabric tape’s backing and replace it with stretch crochet trim all the way around the bottom hem. Make sure the trim joins at the back of the skirt, then cut away the excess. 


Use lark’s head knots to attach the pre-cut tulle strips to the bottom row of holes on the trim. 



In every other hole, knot on four pieces tulle: two of light green and two of light blue.


TIP: Make this process even easier by using a size K crochet hook to pull the tulle strips through each hole. If desired, vary the fullness of your mermaid tail by attaching more or fewer pieces of tulles per hole, or by increasing or reducing the number of holes used around the skirt. 


Cut each sleeve of the adult Sapphire shirt into three horizontal strips. Pull on each strip to stretch it out and lengthen it. 


Have your child step into the open neck of the shirt as if it were the opening of a skirt. The shirt’s neckline should sit at the waistline. 


Pull the two topmost strips from each sleeve to the center back of the skirt, and knot them securely. Repeat to knot the two middle strips at the back of the skirt and then again for the two bottom strips. Make sure the strips are tied snug enough to keep the skirt in place. 


Once your mermaid’s shirt is on, you can, if desired, shorten its length by knotting up the excess at the back, just above the knots of the mermaid tail skirt. 


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