Easy DIY project for the beginner

Time: 1Hours Cost: $10.00 Difficulty: Easy




  • Gildan Short Sleeve Youth T-Shirt, Small, White

    Gildan® Short Sleeve Youth T-Shirt


  • Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse Roll

    Peel N Stick™ Fabric Fuse Roll


  • Raspberry Basic Felt by Creatology

    9" X 12" Basic Felt By Creatology™


  • ArtMinds All-Purpose Glue Sticks

    ArtMinds™ All-Purpose Glue Sticks





  • Craft Smart Mini Glue Gun, Low Temp

    Craft Smart® Mini Glue Gun, Low Temp


  • Loops & Threads Straight Scissors

    Loops & Threads™ Straight Scissors


  • Anodized Aluminum Crochet Hook by Loops & Threads, K

    Anodized Aluminum Crochet Hook By Loops & Threads®




  • Paper
  • Elastic Hair Band
  • Ruler
  • 1 - Celebrate It™ Stretch Crochet – White (sku 10522647)
  • 1 - Celebrate It™ Specialty Glitter Tulle 6" – White with AB Crystals (sku 10522836)
  • 1 - Celebrate It™ Specialty Glitter Tulle 6" – Light Pink (sku 10522838)
  • 1 - Celebrate It™ Specialty Glitter Tulle 6" – Light Blue (sku 10522837)



To create the tutu, pull the stretch crochet elastic taut while wrapping around the child’s waist. Once the ends of the elastic meet, measure 2" more and cut the elastic. 


Hot glue the ends of the stretch crochet elastic together to create a circle. 


Gather three strands of the white tulle. Fold all three strands in half and create a loop at the top. Using a crochet hook, insert the loop of tulle through a hole in the elastic, and then pull the ends of tulle through the inserted loop. Pull tight, creating a knot on the elastic circle. 


Repeat Step 3 on every other hole in the same row of the waist elastic to create the skirt. 


Gather three strands of the pink tulle and insert and knot into a hole on the row above, where white tulle is using the same technique in Step 3. 


Skip three spaces on the elastic on the same row where the pink was inserted. On the fourth space over, insert and knot three strands of blue tulle. 


Repeat Step 6 along the row where the pink and blue tulle were inserted all the way to end of the row. Be sure to alternate groups of pink and blue tulle. 


To create tail, cut six 25" strands of each of the pink, blue and white glitter tulle. 


Gather one strand each of the glitter tulles. Insert into hole in waist elastic in the back where it was hot glued together. Fold inserted tulle over so that it meets the rest of the tulle bundle. Secure the tulle to itself, using hot glue. 


Repeat Step 9 in the three holes on either side of the spot where the elastic was glued together. 


Once the hot glue is dry, braid together the long glitter stands. Secure at the bottom with an elastic hair band. 


To create T-shirt, trace a heart onto a piece of paper and cut it out. Use this paper heart as a stencil and trace it on the felt. Cut out the felt heart. 


Measure 1" from the edge of the paper heart toward its center. Mark off the point that is 1" inside the paper heart. Repeat this along the circumference of the heart to create a heart that is exactly the same, but smaller by 1". Connect the interior points and cut out the smaller heart from the big one. 


Trace the smaller heart onto the back of the white craft fur and cut it out. 


Adhere the white fur heart to the larger pink felt heart using the fabric fuse roll. 


Adhere the pink felt heart onto the chest of the white shirt using the fabric fuse roll. 


Attach the blue looping cloud trim from the trim multi-pack around the felt heart with the fabric fuse roll. 


Pick three more trims from the multi-pack. Lay down a long strip of the fabric fuse roll on the sleeve of the T-shirt. One at a time, lay the trims down over the fabric fuse tape. Work in smaller sections to avoid crooked lines and work until the whole circumference of the sleeve is covered. Repeat on the other sleeve.


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