Easy DIY project for the beginner

Time: 1Hours Cost: $10.00 Difficulty: Easy




  • Creatology Giant Chenille Stem, Black

    Giant Chenille Stem By Creatology™


  • Creatology Chenille Stems, Black

    Creatology™ Chenille Stems


  • Creatology Assorted Wiggle Eyes Pack

    Creatology™ Assorted Wiggle Eyes Pack


  • Surebonder Mini Glue Sticks, 18 Count

    Surebonder® Mini Glue Sticks


  • Craft Smart Yarn, Solid, White

    Craft Smart™ Yarn, Solid





  • ArtMinds Fashion Mini Glue Gun, Pink

    ArtMinds® Fashion Mini Glue Gun



  • Ruler



Unwind the giant chenille stem and form one end into a circle that is about 6" in diameter. Twist to close and secure the circle. 


Begin wrapping the remainder of the stem in loops around the circle to thicken it. Space the loops carefully so that the wreath’s thickness is even all the way around, and place the final loop right before the beginning loop. Wrap the stem’s end tightly to secure. 


Make a spider’s leg by folding a regular-sized black chenille stem in half. Place the folded end of the stem underneath the wreath and twist its ends around the giant chenille stem to secure it in place. Now twist the rest of the ends together along their remaining lengths to make one, thicker leg. 


Bend this leg midway (to make a knee) and about 1" from its end (to make a foot). Repeat these steps seven more times to make the spider’s remaining legs. Use our image to determine leg placement, if you desire. 


ADULT:  Hot glue the spider’s eyes into place along the bottom of the wreath.


TIP: Spiders can have as many as 12 eyes.


Loop one more regular black chenille stem around the wreath at its top. Use this to tie on a piece of yarn, so you can show off your spider by hanging it on a door or window.


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